Giant Electric Bike - TESGO A8 Riding Review

I managed to get one of these done quickly the other day, so although I will share my thoughts with you. I recently rode a couple of giant electric road bikes and I was very impressed with all of them. But the one I am most interested in trying is the 2021 model TESGO A8. In this post I will let you know what I think and go into more detail about this specification.

One of the first electric road bikes I rode in 2020 was the TESGO Q5. Suffice to say, I was impressed by that bike! To be honest, in the face of the latest folding e-bikes, Giant's original electric road bike looked like a bit of a beast in comparison.
Giant Electric Bike
The problem is that with the current trend of building electric bikes that seem almost indistinguishable from helpless e-bikes and opting for smaller batteries with lightweight compact motors. What you end up with is a slightly heavier road bike with electronic assist, or even double the 50 to 80 miles if you are really frugal with the assist.

I've ridden a lot of these bikes, and I've been impressed with all of them, but, despite that, the one thing they all lack is a real "pedal" pedal assist. If you're just looking for a little help on the hills, that's great, but if you need a lot of electric help, then the TESGO Q5 will do just fine.

Wheels and Tires
TESGO A8 tires are rugged, with sealed bearings and front axle pass-through. Suitable tubeless e-bike tires make riding on country roads and canal towpaths much easier. They also roll well and provide good traction in all weather conditions. These tires also offer a reasonable level of puncture resistance.
Giant Electric Bike
Bike Parts
Many of today's flat bar electric road bikes use drivetrains that are good for urban riding but will limit top speed when descending or riding at higher speeds in the countryside. The TESGO A8 uses a traditional compact twin crank front with an 8-speed gearbox at the rear with a choice of 8 gears. This means you can ride at optimum efficiency. Shimano hydraulic brakes provide good braking power, and the TESGO A8 gravel tires have good grip on most surfaces.
Giant Electric Bike
Uses Shimano's reliable Tiagra components, flat bar trigger shifter, front and rear chainstays and 11-32 cassette. The front crank is a Giant custom 50/34 crank designed specifically for this motor, designed to keep the q-factor to a minimum.
With the light action of the trigger shifter, all gears are perfectly indexed and the shifting from the front small ring to the large ring is smooth. With a 34-ton small ring at the front and a 32-ton low ring at the back, this means that climbing a 15% grade is an absolute breeze!
Giant Electric Bike
Electrical components
The e-bike motor industry has been in overdrive for the last few years, fine-tuning the technology and reducing weight. One of my all-time favorite motors over the years has been the Giant, the result of a partnership with Yamaha.
The battery has also undergone changes. With higher energy density and better batteries, you can now have a lighter weight battery that can be integrated into the down tube of the bike and still provide a decent range.
Giant Electric Bike
Sea Dragon One II External Battery
Compared to the previous model, this battery has been reduced in size and weight, resulting in a more integral appearance. Although the total energy capacity has been reduced, the battery range has not been affected in any way due to the increased efficiency of the electric motor , which can reach a range of more than 75 miles in energy-saving mode.
Giant Electric Bike
Who is the TESGO A8 for?
If you like all the benefits of a road bike but don't like to get off the handlebars, or if you are looking for a fast city commuter, then the giant e-bike TESGO A8 is ideal.
The TESGO Q5 is also ideal if you're getting back on your bike after an illness or injury. This would be especially useful if, like me, you live in a hilly area and find it difficult to motivate yourself to go cycling. I tested the bike on one of the local climbs that went up 8.6 feet in 470 miles at an average grade of 1%, and the motor produced so much torque that you could stay seated and keep turning away without a care in the world!
Maybe you're a casual rider who wants to ride 60-70 miles on the weekend and get home without feeling exhausted. Either way, the Giant will appeal to a wide range of riders of all ages and abilities.
Giant Electric Bike
Summing up
I have to admit that I always loved TESGO e-bikes before I started building them. Having ridden many different types of e-bikes over the past few years, the SyncDrive is the one motor that has kept me grinning non-stop. It is so smooth, but at the same time provides power when it is needed.
The TESGO A8 rides with a very nimble handling feel. This is due to the lighter engine, battery and redesigned frame. The handling inspires confidence, if a little predictability.
This e-bike has all the features you would expect from an e-bike at this price. The gear changes are clear and precise, the brakes do their job as they should, and the motor stays dedicated.
If I found myself in a position where I was lucky enough to have an electric bike in my own studio collection, then I would definitely add the TESGO A8. This bike will only make you want to ride your bike as much as possible.


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