For all orders( including pre-orders), your credit/debit card will be charged immediately. There will be no delay in payment collection, regardless of when the item is expected to ship.

Any ebike order cancellation after we place the shipment will be charged an 8% process fee, and customers can only get a 92% refund of the total order price.

Any ebike order change such as change of address or exchange for items after shipment will be charged $20 as a change fee.

All cancellations need to be done by email to the Tesgo service department. The customers cannot cancel the order by phone. The customers will receive a notification email after the order has been canceled successfully. Otherwise, the cancellation of the order was unsuccessful.

Cancellation of Orders

You may cancel an order by contacting us via email. Cancellation is not confirmed until you receive a response from our customer support team.
Due to the speed at which we process orders (as quickly as possible) we will attempt but cannot guarantee that we will be able to cancel an order you placed on the Sites. After you have placed an order, we cannot change it, including for size or color reasons. Please make your selections carefully and reach out to our team for guidance to ensure you are choosing the right item.

Orders which have already been shipped (you have received a tracking number) cannot be changed or canceled. Please see our Return Policy top for return terms and instructions to send an order back for a refund if desired.
Card Processing Fee.

If you ask us to cancel an order after we have captured funds from your credit/debit card, (or after we've captured funds from your PayPal account or have financed your purchase through Klarna) 2.5% will be withheld from your refund to cover the cost of merchant card processing, which we do not recover when issuing a refund for a canceled order.


If you have questions about this Agreement, or if you have technical questions about the operation of our Services, please contact us:
By email:
Via our website: