Lightweight and long-lasting mobility artifact, Hummer S electric bicycle

Since going to work, I have been troubled by the traffic, because the traffic is not very convenient in the third-tier small cities. Although there are buses every day, it is entirely a matter of luck to squeeze up. Therefore, I have always thought of buying an electric car. And I am an insecure person, and I am very worried that the lack of electricity will affect my travel. After thinking about it, I finally bought this Hummer S simple electric-assisted bicycle. The reason for the purchase is also because it can be used as a bicycle, so there is no need to worry about the embarrassment of power failure in the middle of the ride.
Of course, after using it, I feel that my original decision was very wise, because in terms of use, this Hummer S simple electric bicycle can't fault it. The following mainly evaluates from multiple aspects such as appearance, use, and performance.

Start from the design
When I received the Hummer S simple electric bicycle, I felt that it was very compact, and it didn't take up much space whether it was at home or in the office. This fits the needs of urban young people like me. After all, a one-square-meter house in a city is worth a lot of money. If it takes up too much space, it will make people feel that the room becomes very small.
The Hummer S simple electric-assisted bicycle is a reduced version of the bicycle. It seems to be about the same size as the bicycle I ridden in junior high school. The black design feels more atmospheric. For white-collar workers, using it as a daily travel tool will still attract a lot of people's attention.

The overall design of this car is made of a very strong metal material. In terms of design, the Hummer S simple electric bicycle has the battery built in the beam of the frame, which not only saves space, but also makes the overall design of the car more Lightweight and beautiful. In addition, because it has a built-in battery, its safety and durability are largely guaranteed. And its body is integrated with the electronic control system and the charging system, which is very integrated.
In the operating area, Hummer S simple electric-assisted bicycle can be considered to be comprehensive. When you use it for the first time, move the operating area to your suitable range to ensure the comfort of using these buttons during riding. In the operating area, there are switches, lights, speakers, and buttons for selecting speed. Even the first time I used it, I was able to understand the functions of all the buttons at a glance. As long as you can ride a bicycle, I think there is no barrier to using Hummer S simple electric bicycle. If there are any shortcomings, it is that the operating area of ​​the Hummer S simple electric bicycle is made of plastic material. The texture is almost meaningless, but it can meet the needs of use. Electric bicycles are available. What kind of bicycles are needed? Yeah, right.

Of course, you need to pay special attention to the fact that there is a power display on the display in the handle operation area, and you should always pay attention to its power when riding.
In order to allow users to set the height that suits their own habits, the Hummer S simple electric-assisted bicycle can adjust the height of the seat cushion and the height of the handlebar. For users of different heights, they can get a better experience.
On the seat cushion, the Hummer S simple electric bicycle adopts an ergonomic design. There is a deep hole design in the middle. This may be designed to increase heat dissipation and ensure the comfort of riding. It is good when riding. Experience.

In the selection of tires, the two Hummer S tires have a diameter of 20 inches and a width of 4.0 inches. Such tires have a good shock absorption effect on daily roads. I have ridden a small-wheeled portable electric car before, but because the wheels are small, it will make you feel very bumpy during the ride. When you encounter some complex road conditions, you have to slow down to pass. The Hummer S simple electric-assisted bicycle's tire selection is considered to be the larger of the portable electric bicycles, so the riding effect is not bad, at least my daily office trip is adequate.
As we all know, the larger the front chain disc, the smaller the rear chain disc, the faster the riding speed will be. The Hummer S simple electric bicycle adopts the design of the large chain disc in the front and the small chain disc behind it. This design can ensure that during the riding, even the wheels are small, there will be a fast speed.

Of course, whether it is the appearance or the feeling of riding, the most important thing about an electric bicycle is safety. If it is not safe, the rest is useless. The Hummer S simple electric-assisted bicycle adopts front and rear double disc brakes with a brake power-off system, which means that when braking, the electric bike will power off itself and also turn on the brake system. In the process of use, you can feel that the brake system of Hummer S simple electric bicycle is very sensitive. Press the brake to the end and it will stop directly. In the face of the intricate traffic environment, Hummer S simple electric bicycle is sufficient.

Talk about use
In terms of appearance, the Hummer S simple electric bicycle has a light appearance and relatively high-quality workmanship. I was quite satisfied when I first used it. In the process of using it for half a month, the Hummer S simple electric bicycle has many advantages in riding.
First of all, in terms of riding experience, Hummer S simple electric bicycle has bicycle mode, electric bicycle mode and hybrid mode. The three modes can ensure a better experience when riding. And for the working party, the use of electric mode on roads that need to pass quickly, and the use of bicycle mode on roads with a lot of people can ensure the safety of riding.

When encountering some steep slopes with relatively high inclination, you can use the hybrid mode of self-propelled and electric, which can ensure that there will be no slipping during riding. Some portable electric vehicles may slip during the climbing process due to lack of power. I have never experienced such a situation even when facing a 60° slope during use.
In the electric mode, the Hummer S simple electric-assisted bicycle is not different from ordinary electric bicycles. You can get a good speed by simply twisting the switch of the electric bicycle. And if it is in the riding mode, compared to the small blue bicycle, the bicycle mode of the Hummer S simple electric bicycle will be more laborious to use, which should be related to the continuous shooting of you and the tire size.
In terms of battery life, the Hummer S simple electric bicycle uses a 12Ah high-capacity battery, which can theoretically reach 50-60 kilometers. In the actual experience process, the place of work and the place of home are about 10 kilometers, so for the sake of safety, I always charge once a day.
But if you are walking around in the city, sometimes running errands, you can charge it once a week. However, even without electricity, it can be used as a bicycle, so there is no need to worry about battery life.
Also because of its small size, it will not take up much space to push the Hummer S simple electric bicycle into the office. Riding every day is directly into the office, also thanks to the strength of this car, I was often late for the previous month, this half month was on time and full attendance.

In general, the Hummer S simple electric bicycle has a light but sturdy shape design. Although the tires are not large, they actually perform well in either electric mode or riding mode. I am also satisfied with the difficulty of operation and the design of custom settings, so for such an electric car, I personally think it is worth buying. Of course, there are also shortcomings. For example, the wheels do not have a board to block the stolen goods. When the road is muddy, it will easily stain the trousers.


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