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Tesgo E-bike Lineup

Fat Tire Folding E-Bike

Tesgo 48V 15Ah STT - Closeout
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  • The motor of the Strength has been upgraded to a 750W geared hub motor.
  • Strength is loaded with premium features including a massive 48V battery for speeds up to 28MPH and up to a 50-mile riding range.
  • With a removable battery, you can charge the ebike more conveniently.
  • The e-bike model that started it all: Hop on our flagship fat tire and you may never want to leave.
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    Carbon Fiber Professional Mountain Ebike

    Tesgo Runner - Closeout
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  • The improved inner ring and s 500W gear hub motor are features of the Runner.
  • Runner is loaded with premium features including a massive 48V battery for speeds up to 20 MPH and up to 45-mile riding range.
  • The frame material of Runner is carbon fiber, which is a professional mountain electric bike. Its lightweight frame not only allows the rider to accelerate quickly during the ride but also makes it easy to carry when not in use.
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    How To Choose The Right E-Bike?

    In the market, you'll find a wide range of e-bikes to suit various needs. Thanks to the electric motor, e-bikes can provide power beyond the capabilities of traditional bicycles, opening up new possibilities. When selecting the ideal e-bike, it's essential to start by exploring the primary categories of electric bikes and determine which features within that category are most relevant. Tesgo's e-bikes can be broadly categorized as follows:

    Fat Tire E-Bike

    Fat tire e-bikes feature wider-than-standard tires, enhancing stability and grip, perfect for navigating challenging terrains like sand or snow. This ensures a more comfortable and secure ride, ideal for a variety of adventurous activities. Historically, fat tire bikes were mainly for enthusiasts and niche users due to their weight, which made pedaling a bit cumbersome. However, with electric motor assistance, they've become a fantastic option for everyone, offering an effortless pedaling experience. With a full-throttle mode, they provide a motorbike-like sensation. Their exceptional stability also makes them an excellent choice for individuals with mobility or balance concerns. Plus, they still excel in their original off-roading applications.

    All-Terrain Fat Tire E-Bike Tesgo Explorer - Beach
    Tesgo Walker City Commuter E-Bike Riding In Town
    Daily Life

    Commuter city e-bikes are tailor-made for urban commuting, emphasizing lightweight frames, efficient gearing, and rider comfort. They serve as the ideal choice for daily city travel, providing a practical, eco-friendly, and convenient transportation solution. These e-bikes are akin to the classic everyday bicycle, suitable for a wide age range, from teens to seniors, and perfectly adapted for suburban and city environments.

    SUV E-Bike
    Cargo E-Bike

    Cargo e-bikes are purpose-built for transporting heavy loads or cargo although you could also call them family e-bikes. They boast robust frames and frequently come equipped with extended rear racks or cargo compartments. These bikes are experiencing growing popularity, particularly for urban logistics and family transportation, with the latter being one of their most favored applications. Cargo e-bikes are highly customizable, offering the flexibility to attach various accessories such as running boards, rear seats for children, front and rear baskets, bottle and phone holders, and more.

    Tesgo ETP Folding Electric Bike Folded
    Best choice for trips
    Folding E-Bike

    Folding e-bikes are crafted with the utmost emphasis on portability and space-efficiency. Their foldable design allows for effortless storage and transportation, catering to the needs of city commuters and travelers seeking a compact, convenient, and eco-friendly means of getting around. The market offers various types of foldables, including mini e-bikes, folding cargo e-bikes, and the most favored 20"x4" fat tire e-bikes. These fat tire folding e-bikes come equipped with additional features that make them exceptionally well-suited for sightseeing travelers.

    Why Tesgo?

    What distinguishes Tesgo is its commitment to incorporating cutting-edge features and technology that significantly impact your riding experience, including advancements in suspension and the choice of materials. For example Tesgo offers bikes with the following features:

    Ultra Smooth Ride
    Full Suspension E-Bikes

    Full suspension for bikes entails the inclusion of front and rear shock absorbers, elevating the levels of ride comfort and control. This feature proves especially beneficial for off-road adventures, mountain biking, and high-speed e-bikes, effectively dampening bumps and impacts to deliver a smoother and more stable ride.

    Tesgo CLF Full Suspension E-MTB
    Light and Durable
    Carbon Fiber

    Carbon fiber is the hallmark material employed in crafting the most luxurious e-bikes available. Bicycles featuring carbon fiber frames and components are renowned for their exceptional lightweight build and high-performance characteristics. With its remarkable strength and rigidity, carbon fiber proves to be an exceptional choice, particularly for off-road MTB e-bikes and high-speed electric bikes, granting an edge in terms of both speed and agility.