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Tesway Walker
Vivian Zhu
Reliable,Sturdy and Smooth

I've been using this bike for a few weeks now, and I'm really impressed with its stability and safety on different surfaces. The construction feels sturdy.

Really enjoy the bike

I've had this Thunder for 2 weeks, and I've only charged it once. I frequently ride it to the bus stop to wait on my son, and take bike rides around town. Some are long trips, but the battery gauge still has 2 bars left

Tesgo Hunter

Extremely fast and well-lit up at night. Durable and well-made. After spending approximately a week looking through reviews and choosing my first electric bike, I'm thrilled with my decision. You will be, too, I guarantee!

Tesgo battery

I have a well maintain 15ah battery stored indoors during the winter and always kept charged. Only lasted 1.5 years and is now down to 15 kms in range. not very good for a $2000 ebike.


Je l’ai installé sa bien été.
Pour le tester ce sera en février seulement ici c’est l’hiver


Just received our TRSGO's 1000W, so far we love it, lots of pep, quick pickup, looks amazing & stylish! Cannot wait to hit the trials for adventures.

Tesgo Thunder
Excellent ride quality

I love it gets up to speed fast and good battery life of 100% with the purchase. Was iffy about if it was going to arrive on time, said there was going to be a delay and that it would be here the next day, but it still arrived on the original day it said

We're glad you like it!

Rear view…?

Even though this bike can keep up with the flow of traffic, it’s nice to see behind you, to give the faster creeps the right of way
The designs is grade 3 perfection, typical Chinese brilliance

We're glad you like it!

Hummer Pro Replacement Controller

The throttle on the bike began engaging on its own. I reached out to Tesgo support for advice. They were prompt in their responses to my questions. With some back and forth we determined that the controller should be replaced. Tesgo shipped the controller and with their instructions I was easily able to install it myself. It fixed the problem. The bike is back working great.

Tesgo STT
Martin Russell
Tesgo STT

Delivery of our new bike was very fast, bike was extremely well packaged. We had a small part was damaged from where battery was installed. Customer service was very prompt replying and very helpful looking after us and making sure they shipped the part out. Would highly recommend this bike very well make and performed perfectly.

Tesway Walker
Francois Champagne
BEST eBike for the Price!

This eBike is the second one I bought from TESGO and believe me they make excellent bikes. Easy to assemble, robust, great design and at a more than affordable price. The bike offers great autonomy and the maximum speed can be adjusted. I am very happy with my purchase!

Tesgo Runner - Closeout
Richard Manningham
Superbe ebike

J’ai acheté le vélo Runner et je l’ai reçu très bien emballé. J’ai effectué le montage quand même assez simple et rapidement.
Fait un essai routier et je suis vraiment satisfait du rendement
Le vélo est très très beau, il est très maniable et rapide.
L’écran couleur est facilement lisible même par temps ensoleillé contrairement aux autres vélo avec écrans noir qui n’est pas lisible au soleil.
J’ai ajouté un support arrière monté sur la tige de selle et un ensemble de garde-boue trouvé sur Amazon.
La livraison a été très rapide et le service à la clientèle très efficace et rapide pour répondre à mes questions.
Je recommande chaudement.

Brake Pads
Caleb Miner

I did not receive my order. ..

Tesgo STT
My 60yo father and I, positively love these STT ebikes!!!

We took a 20km off-road trail last sunday, we left with 100% battery and we arrived at destination with 100% battery left!!! Thanks to the regenerative recharge feature built into the motor!! Also the 2 STT ebikes I ordered arrived within 3 days of ordering them. And it was uber packaged for shipping, padding strapped to every component (they clearly take great pride in their products)! Also assembly was super easy & fast 80% was already assembled battery was even already at 100% I was riding within 10 minutes!!! My only complaint the websites pictures did the STT no justice on website it looks a little overly small and thin framed, but in real life they look and feel like a e-motorcycle yet only way about 70 pounds! Thank you so much TESGOBIKE.ca my father and I love you guys! We would also absolutely recommend you guys and have at least 3 dozen times in only a week of owning them, also we would love to test any new model you guys come out with hint hint lol. Thanks again TESGO we love you guys!

Tesgo STT
gilbert lecours
tesgo STT

J'aime beaucoup le vélo, un peu plus léger serait apprécié mais..
55 kilomètres batterie à 75%. Très satisfait. En attente du 2iem vélo
pour conjointe plus long que 7 jours ouvrable pour livraison?

Tesgo STT
Josee Faucher
confortable a conduire

velo confortable bonne ergonomie aucune fatigue au niveau lombaire,velo robuste, fait piste hors route et aucun problem mecanique,batterie a l interieur du chassi et protegé de la pluie,programation et ecran facile a comprendre,,ce plie et range facilement,, bref je recomande ce velo

Tesgo Hum-Pro
suzie poirier

Acheter deux vélos et il sont super dans toutes sorte de chemin ils se replie facilement pour transport en camionnette dès heure de plaisir

Tesgo Enterprise
David Schile
Enterprise we have a problem

The seat/battery lock, thought I was going to snap the tightening bolt to hold the seat at 23
The plastic headlight snapped off the mount , because the front rack is to close to the mounted light so first time I went off a curb the suspension did it’s job. But the rack is stationary for the light hit the rack and broke in half..
Overall my wife if quite happy with her new e-bike
I myself am considering the Hum-pro, but ?

Transportation Costs
Marc Brouillard

Super merci

Tesgo STT
Jean-Pierre Dunberry
Excellent bicycle

Reçu en 3 jours seulement, montage en quelques minutes avec outils fournies, une batterie puissante mais je lui reproche qu'il possède seulement 8 vitesses car en 4e et 5e force de moteur on se trouve à pédaler dans le vide tellement le moteur tourne vite.

Light and compact

Good for bike rack, single pouch as sufficient space. Have not tested in the rain yet to check if it is water proof.

I am satisfied

It's a good bike Solid and fast the only thing is no place to put a rack for the water bottle.

Kick stand

The kick stand is made of (as advertised) alluminum alloy. It looks sturdy but is very brittle. I clipped mine while walking it off a curb and it snapped like a dry stick.

Hummer S Battery

After one season I had to replace my battery cause it kept turning off the hummer S bike. Tesgo said the battery needed replacing. The gave me $100 off the $600 dollar battery
Since then started working out of town and never used the bike much since.
My wifes bike after 2 seasons under 300 km on the bike her battery is dying within 15 minutes of easy riding.
Tesgo told her that is what happens when your battery gets old. They offered no compensation
I am going to search out a battery from else where seeing tesgo made their sale and are happy with that
The bikes are stored indoors heated year around

What an amazing E-Bike!!!!

I bought this ebike more than 6 months ago and I am surprised that it is so reliable, efficient and powerful all in one package...The Hummer Pro from Tesgo. Reliable, compact, versatile, efficient and powerful....the best buy that you can get in my opinion!!!